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A big thank you to the Spokane Conservation District and all who came out to see and meet us at the Expo. We so enjoyed all the wonderful conversations and support!  And now for what you really want to know, the answer to the "What Doesn't Contain Plastic" contest. Click the image and get all the details including who won!

Past Events

October 25 & 26
Farm & Food Expo, Spokane, WA

reHabit presented a 1 hour workshop, Friday 10/25 .  We address why  Plastic Free living is so critical at this time and showed practical, plastic- free solutions for the most common waste items.  Our booth also showcased alternatives and presented upcoming projects for 2020

October 3, 2019
Z Space, San Francisco, CA

reHabit will be presenting "The Reality of Plastic"  in conjunction with the production of Samuel Taylor Colerdiges'  Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a timely "green parable" about man committing a crime against nature. 

This is What Plastic Free Living Looks Like!
August 9 & 10, 10am-6pm

We're in Spokane Washington, the greatest place in the Inland NW, presenting hand-made and retail-ready solutions for your plastic-free life!

We're honored and grateful to be a part of Rings & Things 47th Annual Gem & Bead Show as well as the August Rocks Gem Show. 

How do we coordinate with jewelry you ask? Quite well I'd say, but seriously, Russ Nobbs, original owner of Rings & Things was also Spokane's greatest recycling advocate.  Russ' son, Skylar thinks reHabits mission is a great way to continue his dads legacy and we couldn't be happier.

If you're in the area come out and see us, if you can't make it Like Us on Facebook, we so appreciate your support. 

Thank you to all who participated in "Stamp Out Plastic" during Earth Month.  It was a huge success and I enjoyed meeting so many amazing people.


I invite you to post images of you with your bags at the grocery, Farmer's Market, giving away a set, or wherever you use them.  Post @rehabitworld on Facebook & Instagram 

Stamp Out Plastic

Block printing cotton produce & bulk bags forEarth Day

April 7, Oakland, Anasa Yoga • 12-2pm
April 14, San Francisco, Yoga Tree Hayes • 1-2:30pm
April 21, Montclair Farmers Market • 10-12:30pm


ReHabit Your Relationship to Plastics
March 23, 2019 • 11:00am-12:15pm
Bay View Room, Eshleman Hall

As part of the Earth Action Initiative, UC Berkeley campus

Get your own set of
"No More Plastic" Produce
and bulk food bags
and inspire others to
go Plastic-Free

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Something to Smile About 

What I’m happy about today.

The Ocean CleanUp Project is up and running!  After 7 years of work testing,  building & rebuilding the garbage collection apparatus,  it's actually doing what it set out to do.  Congratulations to Boyan Slat
and the whole team of engineers and innovators out there working on this amazing project. 

Clean up is only part of the battle. We are still ill-equipped to deal with the material once it is brought ashore. Refusing and reducing your consumption of single use plastic items is still paramount to fixing this enormous problem.  


About reHabit

My plastic epiphany, happened in a major grocery store chain in Denver. Looking at all the shelves piled high with plastic bottles, containers of every sort and hundreds of pallets wrapped in plastic, my brain did the math (one store in one city, there are how many other stores just like this in how many other places in the country and around the world)  and my heart took a leap.  All I could think of is "we don't need all this stuff!" That's when I started reHabit(ing) my own life, reducing my consumption and working to eliminate my plastic footprint. 

It's also when I really started waking up to the very real issues concerning plastic pollution and climate change. As a lover of the natural world and all the awe inspiring creatures that we co-habitat with on this planet I had to do my part to be & create change.

In my career as a  kitchen & bath designer I started helping friends, family members & clients "green their kitchens and blue their baths" with home-made cleaners and earth friendly products.


What I really do is help people re-frame their concept of wants & needs.  It's really all about simplifying, though at first it feels complicated. That's what this site is all about, assisting you through the transition.  Take a look around and please, ask me the tough questions. I may not know, but I'll find out!


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