Order your own set of "No More Plastic" cloth bags!

People are asking, so we're now offering these hand-printed,  100% cotton drawstring  "No More Plastic" produce/bulk bags for sale. 


Get a set for yourself, and in the spirit of the
"Stamp Out Plastic" events, get a set to give away. 

Each set is $12 + $4 shipping for 1-3 sets, $6 for over 3 sets.
Each set 

  • 1 extra large (10" x 13") bag  

  • 1 large (10" x 12") bag

  • 1 small (7" x 9") bag

These bags are great both at the market for your produce and bulk items, and at home for storing your green veggies.  Check out the blog for tips on how to keep your vegetables fresher longer without plastic!


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