6. Twist tie for vegetables
Organic or Conventional typically VINYL OR PLASTIC
9. Skoy Cloth
Sponge & paper towel alternative
made of Cotton & Wood Pulp Cellulose
2. Lotion tube and cap
12. Mason Jar Lid, 
white part is
coated with BPA
11. Vegetable tags,
Organic or Conventional 
10. BART ticket
(mass transit)

The "which item does not contain plastic" contest answers

and the Winner is....

Griffin Franklin who guessed #9 correctly and won a reHabit Plastic-Free Starter Kit which includes

3 "No More Plastic" 100 % cotton bags for produce & bulk items,  a hand-made soap and a hand-made shampoo bar from Flourish Botanicals, both palm oil free & vegan, and a "Your Plastic-Free Revolution" Journal, made from all recycled materials. 

Griffin is originally from Rimrock AZ, he's currently studying at Whitworth University. When asked about his interest in attending the Plastic Free talk at the Farm & Food Expo in Spokane, Griffin says, "I really believe we as a society need to make drastic changes to fight Climate Change."  Griffin fights plastic pollution daily by carrying a travel mug and reusable water bottle along with a reusable straw and his own utensils. He also brings his own shopping bags and tries to reuse things as much as possible. 

When I asked Griffin what advice he would give someone starting 

Plastic Free living, he said " make one change at a time and
work on each until you conquer it, but do put effort into it."

reHabit applauds Griffin's efforts. It's not easy to swim against
the current, but with the Climate Crisis looming large we all have

to make an effort.  

If you're looking for support and/or advice on starting your
Plastic-Free Journey, email me at rehabitworld@gmail.com

You can get your bags and journals in the reHabit shop.

Check out the different options here.  


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